Texas Roof Master can work with the following roofing systems


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TPO roofing systems offer flexibility, versatility, and high performance. TPO is the fastest-growing commercial membrane roofing system around and is on the forefront of single-ply roofing technology. It’s engineered for superior, long-term performance and offers the added benefit of being environmentally sound. Those who’ve used and installed it find that its advanced reflectivity dovetails nicely with cool roofing solutions, helping to keep their storage facilities, warehouses, and working environments more cost efficient.

For years, low-slope metal roofing has been a favorite roof covering for commercial and industrial buildings because of its reliability against weather conditions. However, many building owners are recognizing some of the additional benefits to this high-quality option. Offering excellent durability and a sustainable footprint, metal roofing can extend the life cycle of your roofing system, offer a visually appealing exterior to your facility, and provide low maintenance requirements.

No contractor has more experience installing EPDM than Texas Roof Master. We’ve installed literally hundreds of millions of square feet of EPDM membrane. Our services are available in every state. And no one works harder to earn the reputation as the country’s most trusted and respected commercial and industrial roofer than we do.

Modified bitumen is a very durable product, especially in high-traffic areas and when confined to smaller roof areas with a high density of service equipment. The flexible nature of the “modifiers” allows owners to select a roof that is a thicker product and more resistant to building movement and metal-to-membrane interfaces than a built-up roof (BUR) system.

Tiles offer a diversity that other roofing materials simply can’t match. They come in an extensive range of profiles to suit any style of architecture. Tiles are all about flexibility, choice and individuality. For instance, if you’re looking for clean crisp lines that’ll deliver a streamline finish, then Monier’s Horizon tile is the choice for you. Alternatively if you’re classically inspired a Modern French tile from the Terracotta range would be ideal.

Fiberglass shingles are made from wet bonded fiberglass coated with a layer of asphalt that contains mineral fillers, which enhance the waterproof characteristics of the shingle. Architectural or laminate shingles are formed using two or more layers bonded with sealant and provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the traditional 3-tab shingle.

What if you could protect your low-slope roof with a durable coating that would extend its useful life while reducing energy costs? Good news—you can. Elastomeric roof coatings install over metal, modified bitumen, single-ply membrane, and built-up roof (BUR) systems. For many building owners, these coatings are an affordable way to protect the integrity of their low-slope roofs.